**STUDIO NÒTO— A Seoul based graphic/space design studios focused on space and graphic design experiences.

We are Studios Nòto.

“Studios Nòto doesn’t intend to define simply as a studio for design work, but aims to talk and realize various issues and messages of society. Studios Nòto intends to combine the elements of design with the form of projects and campaigns to derive results. In addition, we are focusing attention on creating the social impact and value of design with clients in dealing with design and philosophy and we release the result of this process as open source to everyone working on design. We are an experimentalist design studio that approaches and experiments with the closest forms that we want through constant process of modifications and changes.


A selection of our featured works.


Graphic Projects.

Space Projects.

Clients Adidas, Brandless, Suey, Carglass, Github, Red Cross, American Appeal, Beast & Lady, Dundee, Tommy Garfunkel, Condor, American Slow, Odisea Books, Buenaventura, Dostrova Festival, Confeti, Dru, Meriland Council, Chill & Surf


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